your face has no place in my book

2 10 2009

Most people between the ages of 20 and 50 are on Facebook now, and sure, sometimes it’s fun.  Personally, I’m not into Farmville or any other “application” thingy on there because it’s just too complicated and I use Facebook to keep track of the friends I already have (the writing between the lines right there says “because I am a shitty friend who does not call people”).

Anyway, do you ever get a friend request from someone and you just have NO CLUE who they are??  I find that maddening.  I check out their page and see that they went to high school with me and I sit there and rack my brain trying to figure out if they ever sneezed in my general direction, or something ANYTHING that would make me think I should know who they are…  Then you see that they graduated years before/behind you and there’s no reason you should recognize them after all!  Aha, I’m not insane!  So, why are they friend-requesting me?!

I do not believe that having gone to the same high school as me in the same decade as me is enough of a tie to bind.  It would be totally awkward to become Facebook friends with someone I didn’t really know.  I can’t just commit like that- that’s a serious friendship- without knowing who the fuck you are.  I mean, it’s not like I could just delete you from my life with the click of  a button.




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