upwards craving dogface pose. or something.

5 01 2010

So hi! Happy New Year to you! Look at me gettin’ all exclamatory in 2010!


I’ve never really been big on New Year’s Resolutions because I’ve never needed to lose weight.

Ha! Hahaha! Okay, that was a mean joke. I truly applaud you if you’re using the start of a new year to get motivated to shed those unwanted pounds. But really– I’ve never done a New Year’s Resolution. I think I decided to give one a shot this year (but ask me again on February 1).

You know, my life underwent some really drastic changes in 2009. I mean, I gave up my Coca-Cola habit! And since I’m still having aftershocks from my personal earthquakes, I needed to make my 2010 resolution something easy, something that doesn’t add stress to my life.

So I decided I’m going to give yoga the old college try this year.

Mainly, I hope to have yoga as A Thing That I Can Do By Myself.  Moms don’t get very many of those things, you see.  Most of the time, even embarrassing things like bladder drainage and de-hairing appendages don’t fall into that blessed category.  And this is something that I just really accepted about myself late this year:  I need time to myself.  I need silence.  I crave these things.  I am solitary by nature and when I get all wound up because I haven’t had any downtime in days, the people around me suffer.  My requirement for time alone was, is, a hard thing for me to admit because who wants to say that??  What Mom or Wife wants to say, “Look, dudes, I just need to get away from you for a while.”  It has too much possibility to hurt feelings.  But there it is.  I need time to myself to decompress, lest I behead everyone I love with my razor-sharp and red-hot sword of a tongue.

I’ll admit: My body is part of the reason I want to start yoga this year.  While not overflowing with excess weight, is just not quite as toned as it used to be.  I spent my tweens and early teen years as a Gymnast, a Cowgirl, and The Girl Who Held Records For Jumping (Length & Height).  So, you know, I had muscles.  Well-defined and toned muscles.  Now all I have is… a lack of fat.  And I want my toned bendiness back!  I want to be able to tickle your neck, Dear Reader– while you’re sitting on a beach in California– with my toes, from here in Maryland while I’m holding an Upwards Craving Dogface pose.  Or something.

I’ve been reading up a little on yoga before I dive (bend?) in and came across a list of names of yoga poses/postures.  And,  wow!  There are some really awesome pose names that just make yoga sound like a whole lotta fun: Posture of the Infinite.  Half Moon.  Corpse Pose.  Lord of the Fishes! Who doesn’t want to be a Lord of the Fishes?!?!

So, wish me luck and watch out for my toes creeping up behind you and a distant voice giggling, “Posture of the Infinite, muthafucka!”



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