homesick. send plane tickets or at least Hot Bagels.

22 02 2010

I think I’ve been a good sport about this winter. I’ve shoveled snow and shoveled snow and shoveled snow and did it with a smile on my numb face. But I’ve had it. I want it to go away. I am throwing a temper tantrum about the toy I want that I can’t have, and that toy is called “Phoenix”.

I can’t look at this gray and white world anymore. I don’t want my fingers to go numb from the cold when I have to pump gas. I’m sick of the kids having runny noses and colds and pnuemonia (thirty days of pnuemonia!). And if I have to shovel out a driveway one more time…

I want a week or two on vacation forgetting about shivering and slipping on ice and salting sidewalks.

I want to be in Phoenix, enjoying the balmy 109° weather and scrambling my eggs on the sidewalk. I want my friends and my family and Orange Table Cafe and Hot Bagels and driving to my starry spot and spending a spring afternoon asleep at the park in Fountain Hills. I want to be able to wear tank tops and flip flops. I want some color in my drive to work, even if those colors are only different shades of brown (dust and Mexicans).



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23 02 2010

I always always always say “Phoenix” when I am thinking of my remote fantasy warm climate that I will retreat to during this time. Of course I have never been to Phoenix, just read about it.

But I’ve been wearing my sandals around the house (with socks on for now) just to pretend. I can stand it a while longer but I am not liking it.

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