like The House, Monday always wins

21 06 2010

So, my Monday was going well. Great, even.

Then I was outside with the kiddos when a flurry of texts started rolling in about a weird tweet I had posted.

Except I hadn’t posted anything. And I went to check it out, and my Twitter account is gone, and I can’t log in, and and and it appears my Twitter plane has been hijacked, my friends.

Damnit. I loved my Twitter account.



9 06 2010

The big news!  The news that was so big that I forgot to mention it here!

I quit my full-time job so that I can go to school full-time.

I know, right:  Whoopity doo.

But I’m pretty excited about it.  Even though the thought of being in school for the first time in ten years frightens me.  OK, yes, I just admitted it, college frightens yet excites me.  Like auto-erotic-asphyxiation, but with a higher success rate.

My kiddos are out of school for the summer and my classes don’t start until August but I have some prepping to do and preliminary tests to take, so I’m taking June & July to do that stuff while I also save money by not putting them in daycare.  I have not been a stay-at-home mom since 2004, and even then I only had the one little shit, not two little shits who like to annoy each other and subsequently me.  Long story short, pray for us to make it through the summer alive.

Speaking of summer:  IT IS HERE!  I have fully thawed and my skin crisps to a freckly golden-brown in the sun THE SUN YAY SUN and I can be happy again because I like going barefoot and not wearing a lot of clothes and I like having an excuse to eat popsicles and I like my birthday (even as I creep towards thirty yeesh) and I like my sons birthday and I like my daughters cute summer feet.


I’ll be back in Phoenix catching up with friends/family for a few days near the end of June.  So, yay for that, assuming I even make it to late June, what with the angry crib midgets constantly planning my demise.

My sister-in-law and I are throwing an epic Disco Queens vs. Hippies party complete with a dance-off.  If you happen to be in Phoenix, please do come on by.


I read my old blog in its entirety a few days ago and…  I just used to write so much.  Not really quality writing.  Just, a lot of it.  Years of daily posts.  I am really going to make an effort to get back to that, whether it’s here or over at How To Eat.


Lastly, have you been to IndieInk lately?  Any answer besides yes is unacceptable and you are grounded.  Go now.  It is a treasure-chest of amazing writing and art.  While you’re there, submit your own writing or art, too.