future pussies of america

13 07 2010

There is no such thing as the perfect parent.  I know that.  I’m not exempt from that statement.  I have and will continue to make mistakes in raising my children.

But fuck, America, you’ve got to do a little better than this.  Generally speaking, America is raising a bunch of wussbags.  Yeah, I’ll say it:

These aren’t future Presidents.  These are future pussies.

This helicopter parenting this has got to stop, America.

How do children learn to work through hardships if you don’t let them live any?

How can they learn to correct their mistakes if you never let them make any?

How are they going to learn to work hard for what they want if you give everything to them?

The answer is obvious:  THEY WON’T LEARN. 

Get the metaphorical titty out of your child’s mouth.  Have some faith in what they can do for themselves.  Teach them how they’ll survive and thrive after you’re gone.

This is common sense, America.



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