music as a metaphor for humans as a metaphor for me wishing humans were more like a good song

17 07 2010

I was sitting around enjoying a sno-cone earlier with my kids and listening to some newly acquired music.  In between the requests from my kids to see how purple my tongue had become, I was thinking about what key things I look for in my never-ending quest for good jams to air guitar listen to…  They are as follows:

1.)  A solid bass line/beat.  This is really the backbone of the song.  It probably won’t be the focus of the song.  There’s flashier things going on, most likely.  But it’s there, it’s holding everything together whether you notice or not.

2.)  Lyrics I can identify with.  I can’t really say there are bad lyrics.  I mean, there are lyrics I will never identify with, but does that make them bad?  No.  However, if I’m going to like a song it’s because I feel like the song is saying something I agree with or, hell, maybe even something I would say.

3.) Substance.  A song can have all or more of the technically required musical parts, but if there’s not something deeper to it, it’s still just a shell.  It needs a heart and soul.  You know how you’re listening to a certain song and you can just feel the singer’s emotions being poured into it?  You know how you listen to Ke$ha and you don’t feel that?  Yeah, there’s the difference between substance and shell.

And then I got to thinking (I shouldn’t think so much, right?) how all those things are pretty much what I look for when I’ve met a new human and am trying to figure out if they are worth the effort required for any type of relationship…

So yeah.  I’m gonna make sure you have a backbone.  Because a spineless fuck is not going to be able to handle the shit Life throws at everyone.  Which includes me, as I can be a handful.  I’m gonna want to identify with what you have to say– your lyrics.  You can sing to me all day but if you’re rapping about hot bitches in da club and I’m thinking about a stairway to heaven, we’re obviously not gonna mesh well in the long run, even though I am not at all opposed to hot bitches.  And if you don’t have substance?  If there’s not something to you besides the job, the clothes, the blah-freaking-blah list of normal criterion, small-talk bullshit people list about themselves in the first five minutes you meet them…  Then I’m going to lose interest with a quickness as I usually break through the shell of a person within the first four minutes of meeting them.

And then I got to thinking about how a purple sno-cone tongue relates to what I look for in… haha.  Just kidding.




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