getting to 27

23 08 2010

I turn 27 years old tomorrow.  But this post is not to celebrate me.  It’s just a birthday; I just happened to shuffle onto this mortal coil on August 24th many moons ago. Whoopity doo.

As I’m comin’ in hot on my 27th year, the only people I can think about is the people who saw me to 27;  Even the most badass of badasses (such as myself, ahem) has a core support system. The people who support them, worry about them, care for them in mental and physical sickness, or just love them when there’s nothing else to be done.  My people really deserve a good portion of the credit to me being… well, ALIVE and having at least some of my shit together.

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birthday wishes

10 08 2010

August is a big month for my family.  In addition to the back-to-school hoopla– Both Taylor and I start the last week of the month– there are two birthdays.  Taylor’s birthday is August 31st and mine is a week before that.  This year he will be six years old and I will be I don’t want to talk about it years old.

Like most kids, Taylor has been dropping not-so-subtle hints as to what he’d like for his birthday.  “I want a trampoline.  The big one with the walls and the roof so you can’t fly out.”  And like most kids, this list varies by day; Every time a commercial comes on for a New Shiny Object That You Must Have it gets added to his birthday wish list.

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