birthday wishes

10 08 2010

August is a big month for my family.  In addition to the back-to-school hoopla– Both Taylor and I start the last week of the month– there are two birthdays.  Taylor’s birthday is August 31st and mine is a week before that.  This year he will be six years old and I will be I don’t want to talk about it years old.

Like most kids, Taylor has been dropping not-so-subtle hints as to what he’d like for his birthday.  “I want a trampoline.  The big one with the walls and the roof so you can’t fly out.”  And like most kids, this list varies by day; Every time a commercial comes on for a New Shiny Object That You Must Have it gets added to his birthday wish list.

So today, unable to keep track of his many requests because of my impending (as in, two weeks from today) senility, I asked him to make a list of the top five things he wants for his birthday.  He asked me to make one as well but let me share his first:

In case you’re not fluent in Five-Year-Old, that says:  1.)  new skateboard, 2.) trampoline, 3.) chest hair, 4.) my own desk, and 5.) my own T.V.

Wait.  Let’s back up a second.  CHEST HAIR?!?!  We then launched into a long discussion about how most grown men loathe their chest hair and it’s probably not something he should wish upon himself at six years old.  But he is adamant.  Chest hair.  A thick, luxurious breastplate carpet.

And then I shared my list with him…

I’m sure a lot of parents can understand me when I say I literally could not think of anything else I want besides twelve uninterrupted hours of sleep.  I have not had that in at least eight years and if that one birthday request was granted (which, let’s just say don’t bet on it) I would probably poop rainbows and butterflies for the next eight years.  It’s all I want, really.  Sleep.

However, I am now tempted to fill in slots 2-5 with “A son who does not have chest hair at six years old.”




4 responses

10 08 2010

i have to accept full responsibility for that one…
but hey…mexican food worked for me…and there ARE worst things.

also, since i would LOVE to see you shit butterflies & rainbows…my BD gift to you is an entire free night of uninterrupted sleep, redeemable upon request.

10 08 2010

I am not going to contribute to his premature aging wish in any way. And my kids wake up at 6:30am EVERY DAY. I don’t know if you can hack it, jimmyjames.

10 08 2010

I bet if he had chest hair you could get a show on TLC. And all I wanted for my birthday was for no one to mention it was my birthday.

10 08 2010

I can use my kid to get famous on semi-reality television?!? Why have I not heard about this before now?!

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