one week down, and no one died unless you count my tolerance for humans

7 09 2010

So.  I officially started school full-time last week.  Are you sick of hearing about this yet?  Well then come back in four years.

I like school, I really do.  I am good at learning and homework and it’s fun/interesting to me.

However, the people make me want to go on a murderous rampage.  (But not on school grounds.  That would be totally unoriginal, ya know?) My professors range from pretty chill to highly awesome, so that’s nice, but my classmates inspire me to become a doctor who specializes in reproductive sterilization.

Since I took a decade off to backpack through Europe corporate America, and now have to start at the very bottom of the secondary-education totem pole, I am in classes with kids fresh out of high school.  Unfortunately, in the three months between high school and college, apparently they do not mature at all.  So this feels a lot like high school to me, and holy fuck did I hate high school.

I have dealt with fucking annoying fucktards in the last ten years.  Of course I have. Everyone does, all the time.  I think the difference is that usually I was able to do something about it.  Previously, all I did was work or parent, and if I ran into fucktards in either of those situations, I was able to do something about it.  I was in positions of authority in corporate America where I could tell complete fucktards to shut up or take a walk.  I am in a position of authority as a parent where if my kids are being fucktards, I can put them in their kennel or spray them with the hose.  But these fucktards in my classes…  There is not shit I can do about it.  I just have to sit back and deal with the fucktardery.

It’s an adjustment.

I will adjust, right?  RIGHT?!?!

If I start asking you for advice on the best buckshot, you’ll know I couldn’t adjust to constant exposure to fucktards.




3 responses

8 09 2010

Ugh, I remember being 18 and in those classes thinking my classmates were fucktards. I can’t imagine how annoying it would be with some real life experience under my belt.

11 09 2010
Daemon Messiah

I fully support you in this folly. I will even provide supplies, free of charge, under the sole condition that you do not mention it to the cops. Assuming you will get caught, which you won’t, because you are an intelligent and imaginative woman. Who was born a day after me. All of which is awesome.

That is all.

12 09 2010

My husband just finished school, having gone back after several years working, and had the same experience. You do adjust, eventually, but the fucktards are rather overwhelming. Good luck!

Buckshot sounds like a good idea, though.

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