fighting off winter

27 10 2010

I am not a winter person.  One might assume that a person who spent 95% of their life in Arizona may not be a winter person, and one would be correct.  I need sunlight and warmth to be a shiny happy person.  One might also assume that a person who needs sunlight and warmth to maintain smiles is a fucking idiot for moving from Arizona to Maryland, and one would be correct in that assumption as well.

So now that winter is quickly approaching, if not already here (by my definition, which is a daytime temperature of 70° or less), I am finding myself a tiny blue.  I have to actively fight this off, which I do by scheduling a lot of really fun things during the cold months.  If I was rich, I would schedule fun things every month, but I am not rich yet, and truth be told, sitting on the patio soaking up the sunlight is all the fun I require in the summer months.

Anyway.  I have thrown a smoke-bomb in the face of winter ickiness by planning three long-distance trips (Phoenix, Austin, Florida) as well as skydiving, motorcycle lessons, and a few regional road trips (Pittsburgh, Philly).  That should keep me pre-occupied and cheerful until spring, right?  If not, my backup plan is massive amounts of Oreos and Super Nintendo.

I hear a lot of people are affected by the winter blues…  Are you?




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27 10 2010

Agreed, especially as someone who spent half her life in Florida. When the temperature starts to stay under 70 and the days get shorter and darker, I just want to curl up in my bed and hibernate until April.

27 10 2010
Daemon Messiah

Don’t look at me. I was born and raised in Texas (winter was something I read about in storybooks) and have lived in Florida and South Carolina, both with the same seasons: Hurricane season, and Not Hurricane Season. But there are times when I really really miss Autumn.

28 10 2010

How about during hurricane season, we trade. That way you catch the autumn and I catch the ass-end of hurricane season.

27 10 2010

I definietly start feeling a longing for summer almost as soon as february hits. I can ride off the high of autumn for a really long time, and since winter doesn’t really get going to after Christmas here (in the middle of CA), I start to feel that anxiety in February. But I have no reason to complain: it doesn’t even snow here.

28 10 2010

There you go: You found the one plus to living in CA.

27 10 2010

I am forced to report that I do, in fact, enjoy winter.

On refection, this has nothing to do with the overall temperature or weather, and more that it might mean abominable weather and SNOW DAYS.

Yeah, I’m in my 30’s and a fucking doctor and stuff, but living at the bottom of a hill on a quaternary side street that is one of the last to ever be plowed in Columbia (in a big, blizzard-like storm, the plows don’t get here until 2 days later) does have it’s privileges.

And my favorite place in the US to be is the desert southwest… so maybe I am made blue by the season after all. Drat.

28 10 2010

Snow days are good in theory, but then I’m all locked down with two crazy crib-midgets with cabin fever and things go downhill fast. Like my body, flung willingly off a cliff.

27 10 2010

you know it. still usin’ the lightbox every day…helps me a lot.


28 10 2010

I’ve heard things about those. I should probably get one.

28 10 2010

California does not have this problem. But we have 4516 other ones. You win lose more.

Our boss bought us a pack of oreos as a thank you gift. I have cherished every cookie.

28 10 2010

What California lacks in snow, it makes up for in cocaine. Either way, white powder that makes me fucking crazy.

28 10 2010

Yep, definitely affected by the winter blues.

Not enough to throw myself out of a fucking plane, though. OR go to Pittsburgh. What the hell are you thinking??? It’s the most well-named city on Earth!

28 10 2010

John, don’t make me hit you. 🙂 You can’t diss PGH when you live in New Joisey. Pot, kettle, etc.

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