NaDeNeFoMo part two

7 11 2010

In this episode of Brianna Commits Suicide By Oil, we examine Nutella-and-chunky-peanut-butter wantons and bacon-wrapped dill pickles.

I started with the wantons.  This was my mom’s idea.  In case you didn’t know, and you probably didn’t, my mom is a freaking culinary genius.  I am pretty sure I’ve had boyfriends who stuck around only because of my mom’s cooking.  Anyway.  Keeping in mind Dara’s harrowing experience with deep-frying peanut butter, I picked up some wanton wrappers.  For the record, I do feel like this was cheating a bit, but I’m over it already.

Step 1:  Open Nutella.  Remind Nutella that Nutella is not as good as chunky peanut butter and never will be.

Step 2:  Spoon Nutella into wanton wrapper.  Then spoon equal amount of chunky peanut butter into wanton wrapper.

Step 3:  Wet edges of wanton wrappers and pinch closed.

*Note:  Make sure you get all the extra air out of the wanton.  In my first batch, I didn’t do this, and when they were frying, the air inside made them float and fry unevenly.

Steps 4, 5, 6:  Fry until golden brown (two-four minutes at 325°F).  Remove.  Enjoy.

These were fucking awesome; little Asian Reese’s cups.  A++ would do business with again.

Next up was the bacon-wrapped dill pickles.  I had been rolling this idea around since before the birth of NaDeNeFoMo so I was pretty excited about it.  Bacon!  Pickles!  Surely this marriage of two classy motherfuckers could not be anything but amazing.

I used dill gherkins.  Wrap in bacon, secure bacon with toothpick.  Deep-fry until bacon looks cooked.  (This took about eight minutes at 325°F but that’s an approximation.  I was too busy concentrating on not starting grease fires to pay attention to specifics.)

If you can get past the appearance of these, which is that of an uncircumcised, mangled, and gangrenous cock, I do highly recommend.  They are everything I hoped they’d be AND MORE.  I do plan on serving these at all my future white-trash get-togethers.

These weren’t really unhealthy NaDeNeFoMo projects.  In a few days I’m taking on a multitude of baked goods and candies, and plan on eating nothing but salad from now until then.






11 responses

8 11 2010

The wantons look delicious — good call. Even in the wantons, it looks like the peanut butter got very liquidy (except for the crunchy bits), which I think is just the inherent problem with peanut butter — it even turns from solid to liquid when you put it on a warm bagel. Still, I’m not sure why my fried Reese’s peanut butter cups were a disaster when all of the other variations of fried candy held up just fine.

11 11 2010

i kinda dig melty PB though. mmmm.

8 11 2010
Suburban Sweetheart

I hate Nutella & also pickles, but I LOVE peanut butter & I love bacon. I would’ve fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter… CAN THAT HAPPEN? I love this project but hope you don’t die this month.

11 11 2010

god, what an idea, but no. alas– i do know of a recipe for bacon peanut-butter cookies. have you seen this?

8 11 2010

I feel like you should get some sort of trophy or crown or motherfucking TIARA for thinking to wrap pickles and bacon and then FRY THEM.

Pregnant ladies everywhere: meet. your. DOWNFALL.

11 11 2010

you better hurry with that tiara. this diet is going to kill me.

8 11 2010
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[…] made some wonderful, heart-stopping (literally) discoveries. My favorite so far? Probably her deep-fried pickle-wrapped-in-bacon experiment. I have a feeling that pregnant ladies everywhere have developed a strange new […]

9 11 2010

you are amazing. this is amazing. i wish i lived near you because i very much want to try everything you fry, and i am not at all willing to buy something with which to fry my own foods.

11 11 2010

i told you, come on over…

9 11 2010


11 11 2010

If you wanna make the drive from PGH…

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