not a MILF, but a MWWTBAS

11 11 2010

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out if, and how to, write about a particular topic on this here website, and that topic is:


It bothers me that I am even having mixed feelings on blogging about such a thing; I am usually so “anything goes” and open.  Why do I have reservations about this?  Finally, I figured it out– It’s because I’m a mom. Read the rest of this entry »


my life is glamorous

9 11 2010

Some things happened this past week.  Seriously glamorous things; things that usually only happen to celebrities.  Are you ready for this?  Shit this cool probably doesn’t even happen to Paris Hilton or George Clooney.  Okay, maybe George Clooney.

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Protected: ridiculousness! anger! rawr!

4 11 2010

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fighting off winter

27 10 2010

I am not a winter person.  One might assume that a person who spent 95% of their life in Arizona may not be a winter person, and one would be correct.  I need sunlight and warmth to be a shiny happy person.  One might also assume that a person who needs sunlight and warmth to maintain smiles is a fucking idiot for moving from Arizona to Maryland, and one would be correct in that assumption as well.

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impatience can be a virtue

26 10 2010

I have heard from more than one person that I am very impatient.  I am not here to argue that point, because it’s true that I do not like to wait or be delayed in any of my endeavors.  But I think that overall, impatience isn’t such a shit quality to have.  My impatience really comes from the fact that I take a LONG time to decide what I want, and when I do decide, I want it immediately.  My brain must think that since I spent a lot of time deciding, any additional time waiting to get the item is a waste.

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it’s about my kids and i can’t think of a title

22 10 2010

At first this is going to sound like I’m complaining about my kids.  I’m not.  Well, not completely.  Just give it a minute.

apropos of nothing

My kids are trying to kill me this month.  It’s getting cold and has been rainy, which severely inhibits the amount of time they can spend outdoors.  Also, I am still suffering from (or recovering from, not sure) what is apparently The Great Endless Mystery Illness of 2010.  Also, midterms.  Also, my car catching on fire.  So their insane amounts of energy, which is now locked indoors for the winter, plus my stressed mind and body, are making for some frustrating family times.

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so i woke up this morning to find i wrote this whole post while i was sleeping??? omgwtfshit.

17 10 2010

The past few weeks, I have been suffering a wicked case of sleep-texting.  More accurately: my friends have been suffering through a wicked bout of me sleep-texting.   I feel bad for my friends who I’m likely waking from a dead sleep at 2am just for them to look at their phone and see a not-at-all-important text declaring how much I love them or want to squish their face or how delicious chunky peanut butter is on apple slices.  I have no recollection of my nighttime communications and when morning comes and I look at my phone, I am mildly (to thoroughly, depending) mortified at the things my subconscious feels the need to share with my nearest and dearest or in one case, my history professor:


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