I put this page here to easily track/document my deep-fried food adventures for National Deep-fry a New Food Month.  The official NaDeNeFoMo tumblr account is here.  You can find it hashtagged on Twitter as #NaDeNeFoMo.

This is the list I’ve decided on.  I probably won’t end up doing them in order, but I plan to do at least these (and certainly more) by November 30.  At least 50% of these items were suggested by deep-fried-food enthusiast friends.  (Thanks for the ideas, guys.)

Deep-fried Item #1:  Shit got B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

#2:  Twix dipped in Jack Daniels batter

#3:  Tiramisu

#4:  Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie

#5:  Cookie dough

#6:  Bacon-wrapped dill pickles

#7:  Peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

#8:  Mozzarella string cheese wrapped in sliced ham

#9:  Strawberries in rum batter

#10:  An entire fully-dressed, ready-to-eat hamburger

#11:  Peeps (if I can find any this time of year, if not, jumbo marshmallows)

#12:  A cupcake

#13:  A California roll

#14:  Apple slices in cinnamon batter

#15:  Brownies

#16:  Green beans

#17:  Nutella wantons

#18:  Cheesecake

#19:  A pulled-pork BBQ sandwich. Yes, a full sandwich.

#20:  Tuna balls

#21:  Eggplant (Ugh)


(to be continued)

Some people I know who are participating in NaDeNeFoMo with me are:

DysFuncJunc | MightyHunter | Dara | [F]oxymoron | Jen O.


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